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Application Process

The joining process is designed to give you maximum control over when and how you choose to join.

After you have completed the initial application form which we need to make a decision, you can choose to upload your documentation and complete time saving tasks before your interview. This minimises the time you need to spend at the joining interview.

Find out more about our joining process by following the link below



As part of our recruitment process, Alpha Nursing requires two professional referees who are able to comment on your clinical skills.

In order to speed up the progress of your application, we ask that you ensure your referees are contactable during business hours.

If we cannot contact your referees your application may be delayed


Working on a Visa

Are you in Australia on a Visa? If so there is some important information you should read before submitting your application.

Alpha Nursing can employ applicants on a variety of Visas. However we cannot employ applicants who require employer sponsorship to fulfil their visa requirements.

Find out more about visas and how we can help you


Memberships & Affiliations